bever (bevereverb) wrote,

More of SAME

oh my holy fuck! I shall be the wardrober for the all new Christmas
Stage event at the Opera House. the NYC playwright I did for in March
is going to let me help stage the Big Showcase Event of our entire
season... I can't wait to get my hands on the script. I cant wait to
get my hands on the playwright . . . mmmmmmm hmmmmmm
production meetings! too much coffee! stage door CHOCOLATES!!!

also one of the summer ones coming up - I should call the woman who's
got the keys to all the closets!!! I think my sewing machine is in
Buena Vista from those museum docent period costumes I did months ago.
WHOOPS! road trip . . . Buena Vista home of the best effin white water
in Colorado. I shall do a rafting or kayak run of about 10 miles while
I'm at it. Pick up my sewing machine and a good lookin summer fling - HA LOL
Tags: diary
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