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yes, indeed. I was cyberstalked. there is absolutely NO DOUBT.
it was the pianoman from London at theatre this Christmas. thing is,
(confesses) I have a unexplainable PASSION for the Knees of Beautiful Men
since the movie Alexander came out in 2004. The Troy boys dint help, although they dont have as good of knees as the Alexander guys. then tv had 3 movies on helen of troy etc, and i bought the burton version of Alexander, etc you get the picture. It was all about the Knees for the longest time,
then I ended up with BOXING sport pals and they have pretty cute knees and very fit.

somehow... this tall dark and handsome Londoner FOUND THIS OUT, and he cunningly arranged to sit in the wardrobe rooms right in front of me time after time, and pull jeans legs up Over The Knees in order to Lace Up Boots -
whistling innocently and TAUNTING ME WITHOUT MERCY

this went on for days, and he finally LEFT and went to New York City or back to England or something at the end of the run

my newest flawed voyeur is the local district court judge who worksout same gym as me, and he walks in and changes from a suit to gym clothes and stays for HOURS - most satisfactory since this guy has Beautiful Beautiful physique
and actually... Spoke To Me Just Today
bevvy heaven
thas all for now, cross fingies for me Pals, that I dont fuck up and say something ditzy and blonde to the judgie guy
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