bever (bevereverb) wrote,

Daughter of Bucephalus

Lucky lucky lucky BEVER!!!

horse farm down the Gold Camp Road went to see MORGANS, which I adore anyway, but then but THEN!!!!

Arriving there and walking through wasn't there the most MOST elegant Friesen??? She's dutch bred and the holding people when she came to USA were said they believe she's the best they've seen of her breed to date

this is the same breed as the horses Colin Farrel rode in the movie Alexander. I had up to now had no true concept of the sheer size of it. this one is 16.2 at the withers and may still be growing some

AND I GET TO GO AND SEE HER ANYTIME I WISH!! On lunge, she floats, literally floats at the extended trot. Her pace is metronomic at any gait and this with relatively no training as yet. She's bound for dressage. I'm already saving money to travel to see her show.

My hands long to brush her mane and set her feet into mud for an hour and do that silly cross hatch block pattern across her flanks with the comb and some hair gel
Tags: bucephalus
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