bever (bevereverb) wrote,

I'm Too American

here's what: a hollywood fren brings home the movie 300 so we can see the special effects - oh, sez I the Battle of Thermopylae. the two of them just look at me What? I'm all telling the story and they are all we jsut want to see the special effects we heard about I'm all well i't fekkin bloody ending

so we watch Xerxes and the goatherd and a nasty little scene back in Sparta with the queen of leonidas and they get all icky poo over the Killing Field as Spartans heap up bodies into the mountain pass.

so my question - am I WRONG for being thoroughly disgusted with ma two frens (suposably direct descended SCOTS) for being wussies over the battle scenes???? No More War Movies with these two...

[runs off to Hephaestion's archives]
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